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Funny Tweets of the Week – No 43

A new find this week in @nudinits which is the single greatest use of knitting. It’s always tough to beat the great wordsmith @brian_bilston, but I think the winner this week is @CrowfootJim, because I am a child.


Funny Tweets of the Week – No 41

McDonald’s, pies that aren’t pies, garbage, pumpkins, incest, puns, bubblewrap and cocaine make up this week’s funniest tweets. Happy Saturday!

James Veitch

James Veitch Is My New Hero

James Veitch is funny. You should watch his videos. That is all. You can stop reading now. I don’t say anything else useful. Why are you still reading? Stop


Funny Tweets of the Week – No 40

Funny tweets galore. Pretty simple criteria here – if I laughed out loud, it made the list. This lot are all worth a Friday Follow.

That Vinyl Geek

STACK Online

A shameless plug for my good friend That Vinyl Geek/Steven Stamps and vidoes over at STACK Online unboxing stuff and complaining about how rubbish it is.