Jesse Ware - Sam

Bonus Track: Sam – Jesse Ware, 2017

Jesse Ware has a naturally fantastic voice and her deeply honest, insightful, soul-searching single ‘Sam’ is simply brilliant.

Kaleo - No Good

Bonus Track: No Good – Kaleo, 2016

No Good from Kaleo is an all-out brilliant rock song. It’s got the riff, the heavy beat, some sweet solos and vocals to shred your vocal chords for.

Truelove's Gutter - Richard Hawley

Open Up Your Door – Richard Hawley, 2009

If you don’t believe in love, romance and passion, this song might just change your mind. The lyrics are beautiful, Hawley’s guitar has the most fantastic amount of reverb, and the chord progressions soar upwardly like a stairway to the stars.


Funny Tweets of the Week – No 43

A new find this week in @nudinits which is the single greatest use of knitting. It’s always tough to beat the great wordsmith @brian_bilston, but I think the winner this week is @CrowfootJim, because I am a child.

Photographer Fortnightly

Photographer Fortnightly: Rach Stewart

Rach Stewart’s are some of the finest, most consistent examples of insightful, artistic, story-telling photography. I strongly suggest you check them out.